The future is already here

It is just unequally distributed

I am a South-African-born researcher and boundary-spanner, based in a small town outside Stockholm, Sweden. I conduct research into how code-based technologies (e.g. code itself, digital platforms, machine learning, digital automation) are changing how we work, how organising occurs, and what these things mean for us as individuals and as members of increasingly unequal societies.
I hold a PhD from the Stockholm School of Economics, a postgraduate LLB (Law) from the University of Cape Town, and a BSocSci (Politics, Philosophy and Economics, with distinction) from the University of Cape Town.

I came to Sweden on a gap year, many years ago, intending to go back to South Africa and practice law. But serendipity intervened: now I conduct research in one of the most exciting–but accessible–entrepreneurship hotspots in the world.

Digital Divide

Gig Economy

Digital Innovation

Value Creation

Lifelong Learning

Policy-Relevant Research

In addition to my ongoing research, I regularly hold seminars, work with executives, and cooperate with journalists. I am also an Advisor to startup generator Antler, affiliated with the Stockholm-based think tank Fores (The Forum for Reforms, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability), and act as a Research Advisor for Industrifonden.
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