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I am a South-African-born researcher and “tinkerer”, now living in Stockholm, Sweden. As a much-maligned “Millenial”, it was perhaps inevitable that I became fascinated by what our world is becoming–and the world we work in, in particular.

I conduct research into how code-based technologies are changing how we work, how organising occurs, and what these things mean for us as individuals and as members of increasingly unequal societies.

Thus far, my focus has been on the world of finance. In the aftermath of the financial crisis, distributed groups of individuals have taken it upon themselves to re-configure certain parts of finance, for instance by promoting peer-to-peer tools like crowdfunding and cryptocurrencies. These attempts at structural re-configuration have relied heavily on code-based tools, and this development of code has led to the emergence of new human relationships, interactions, and ultimately the emergence of new infrastructures.

Some initial attempts at re-configuration, some more successful than others, are the subject of my recently defended PhD thesis “Crowds, Coins and Communities: Digital Entrepreneuring in Emerging Financial Infrastructures”.


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