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Ongoing Research

You can see my peer-reviewed work here. And my popular publications here.

Innovation and Value Creation in a Age of Digital Media. with E. Fröberg, Stockholm School of Economics. Ongoing Research.

The Role of Digital Code in Institutional Change and Digital Innovation, with J. V. Andersen, ITU Copenhagen. Ongoing Research.

Reconceiving Financiers as “Gatekeepers”, with R. S. Livengood, Arizona State University. Ongoing Research.

Sustainability and Digital Entrepreneurship: Investigating Bitcoin, with M. Morisse, Hamburg University. Ongoing Research.

Social Movements and Institutionalised Finance: Cryptocurrencies in Perspective, Sole Author. Ongoing Research.

(How) Does Technical Innovation lead to Social Innovation?, with E. Vaast, McGill University. Ongoing Research.

A Longitudinal Study of Crowdfunding and Legitimacy in Sweden, with E. Vaast, McGill University and Teigland, R, Stockholm School of Economics. Ongoing Research.

The role of the “Other” in Online Work, with E. Hafermalz, N. Laurey and J. Schlegelmilch, VU Amsterdam. Ongoing Research.

An Ethnography of Online Writing, with E. Vaast, McGill University. Ongoing Research.

A Dearth of Women on Boards: Soft Choices or Lack of Opportunities?, with C. Balachandran, Linköping University. Ongoing Research.