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Ongoing Research Projects

You can see my Peer-Reviewed work here. And Popular Publications here.

Parenting Automation: Distributed value creation through Automated Vehicle Autosystems. with A. Essén, and Mähring, M, Stockholm School of Economics. Ongoing Research.

A Black Box within a Black Box?: The Effects of AI and Algorithms on Task and Insight Automation. with S. Krakowski, University of Geneva. Ongoing Research.

Innovation and Value Creation in a Age of Digital Media. with E. Fröberg, Stockholm School of Economics. Ongoing Research.

The Role of Digital Code in Institutional Change and Digital Innovation, with J. V. Andersen, ITU Copenhagen. Ongoing Research.

Is there a link between Parental responsibilities and Entrepreneurship? with C. Balachandran, Linköping University. Ongoing Research.

Legislating the Digital: The Impacts and Implications of Regulatory Change on Practice and Innovation in Financial Service Firms. with E. Iveroth, and Kashyap, S., Uppsala University. Ongoing Research.